Bathroom: A Sanctuary for Relaxation

Hotel bathrooms have made huge milestones and leaps, from just plain enclosures used merely for wash-and-go, to a personal sanctuary for relaxation and well-being and it is now an integral part of the hotel’s brand identity. Bathrooms have become the hallmark of luxury for today’s successful hotelier where even the smallest investment will be noticed and appreciated by its guests. It’s time to take stock of hotel bathroom trends that might make a splash in the coming years.

The role of the hotel bathroom has changed dramatically in recent years due to global design influences and raised guest expectations leading to a more personalised bathing and bathroom experience. Guest bathrooms need to make a statement and their performance must meet and exceed guest expectations offering something over and above the comfort of their own homes. For many hotel guests, the bathroom holds a special place; other than the comfort of the bed a guest bathroom is the single most important part of the hotel experience.

Think Green

Don’t forget to include green living plants into your bathroom space which is not only fashionable but also gives an artistic look to the overall ambiance.

Bathrooms can have a big impact on a hotel’s ecological footprint.Technologies have improved so much over the last couple of years that hotels can really reduce water consumption and still provide a great user experience. Traditional toilets used 3.5 gallons of water per flush, but newer models which are now incorporated by the hotels now only need 1.28 gallons.

Brass is in

Old is gold, rightly said. The incredible combination of the hues of gold and rust which was quite popular in the 70s seem to be revamping itself in the coming years as the use of brass colour will be a consisting trend.

Lavish Stand up Showers

Tubs are on the way out, as less and less guests are apt to take baths. Shower enclosures are becoming streamlined, but shower heads are now much larger in scale and replicate the cascading effects created by a waterfall or rainfall. To create an upscale shower experience, hotels are opting for rainfall showerheads and body sprayers.

LEDLights With Dimmers

LED lights give off warmer light, yet they are still bright enough to illuminate a hotel bathroom sufficiently while complementing more skin tones. LED lights also come with dimmers, so a guest may choose their ideal lighting level.


As you know, the dark and moody colors make a huge comeback at the scene of interior design fashion in this season and your bathroom – if used right will exude luxury and relaxation. Keeping in mind the tendency of usage of natural materials, cement tiles are going to be very popular this year. The most on-trend colour this season, without a doubt, will be the gray. And make no mistake the grey may sound dull but it works wonderfully in a rich variety of shades and hues. It adds moody or tranquil, elegant or dynamic atmosphere to any premise.

The much needed storage spaces

The need for storage and counter space is increasing as people use more tools and equipment inside bathrooms. One of this year’s foreseeable trends is the rise of clever storage spaces that take guests by surprise. To make the most of bathroom vanities, include multiple drawers instead of just a single open space.

Geometric Tiles

Bathrooms today are incorporating the very attractive geometric tiles that integrate dazzling lines into structural and architectural elements.

Grey is the beauty

Expect to see many bathrooms in the coming years skipping brighter colors and instead focusing on shades of gray, with fresh white and hints of black all coming together to achieve a peaceful, mature palette. These tones work well with dashes of wood and other natural materials, or on their own to create a monochromatic masterpiece.

Bamboo Flooring

Did you know that certain kinds of bamboo can grow several inches every day? This quick growth, coupled with a low need for water and great durability, makes bamboo the renewable, green material of the future. 

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