Exemplifying Persistence And Proficiency Together

Endowed with responsibility, clarity of direction and ability to unify the workforce to operate beyond their business apparatus, Seema Roy, Area Managing Director for South Asia, Middle East & Africa, Preferred Hotels & Resorts has evidently perceived that the sense of purpose fetches the highest degree of happiness and satisfaction. Yet, for most of us, the concept is elusive. Evaluating the minute experiences throughout her journey, she is a classic inspiration with pursuit to learn, nurture and transform.

There are certain common traits among the most successful ladies that include work ethics, the passion to succeed, the willingness to adapt to change and the desire to break the mould and profound attentiveness to human condition. Seema personally believes that she has been privileged as she never worked against the flow. She expresses, “I am fortunate to have worked with companies and colleagues that believed in gender diversity and inclusion. Although no job is ever a cake walk for anyone, regardless of gender, one needs to be passionate, committed and personally invested to be professionally successful. I am in my 10th year now with Preferred Hotels & Resorts and have been recognised over the years for all of the above which has led me to my latest role of Area Managing Director for South Asia, Middle East & Africa. With this role, I oversee hotel retention and brand development efforts across of the brand’s growing portfolio in the region.”  

Seema personally feels that times are changing and we are noticing more women taking critical and senior leadership roles. She is proud to be a part of Preferred Hotels & Resorts they have 40 per cent female employees in the senior executive roles globally. Seema asserts, “There is a marked rise in the number of women in leadership positions in the hospitality industry. In fact, as reported by Grant Thornton’s latest Women in Business Report, 2019 marks the biggest increase in the proportion of women in executive roles in general across all industry sectors. The hospitality landscape has evolved over the years and is now a space where gender diversity is celebrated and encouraged. Women are increasingly stepping up to assume positions ranging from operations and business development to executive leadership positions.”

A sense of purpose evokes passion and commitment; it makes sense to the world and the person’s role therein. Being a part of hospitality industry that continues to evolve at a fast pace, also makes me constantly want to learn more. She delightedly shares, “Having been associated with the hospitality industry for over two decades, it has become an integral part of who I am. It teaches one life skills at so many levels. It makes me appreciate finer things in life and lay emphasis on curating memorable experiences, both at work and in personal time. It has further strengthened my faith and passion for travel, which also resonates with Preferred Hotels & Resorts’ ideology: ‘Believe in Travel’. I am forever thankful to my peers, mentors and fellow industry colleagues, for being a part of this journey and I look forward to many more years ahead.”   

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