Expertise of a chef lies in planning ahead

A passionate chef, with an experience of 24 years, Chef Avanish Jain, Executive Chef, Radisson Blu Faridabad, believes in retaining the authenticity of the cuisine. His knowledge and perfection in his field of work is evident with the way Radisson Blu Faridabad has carved it way into every foodies must visit list. Read on, to know more about the chef as he shares some insightful facts about the changing paradigms of Indian cuisine. 

Your inspiration: From my childhood I was always very fascinated with the idea of cooking especially when I use to watch my mother cooking and dishing out sumptuous dishes for our family. Watching my mother cook everyday was definitely one of my biggest inspiration to be a chef and over the years this has become my passion.  

Industry evolution: The industry has definitely evolved for good; in my last 24 years as a chef I have witnessed a lot of new concepts coming up, there have been innovations which have helped chefs provide ease at work. The industry is a lot more different operationally than it was when I started my culinary journey.  

Changing food and kitchen paradigms: Each hotel has its own plan about setting the kitchens, there are no set patterns, it depends on the number of room keys, how many outlets have been planned, and capacity of banquet operation but there will always be one main kitchen, pastry, garde manger, butchery and their sub kitchens. Each kitchen has a head and under him the junior support team.  

Food cost control: Standardisation of products and standard recipes play a key role in controlling the cost. Expertise of a chef lies in planning ahead which that helps in minimising the wastage.  

Diverse Indian Cuisine: Indian cuisine is very vast and diverse. There is a saying “In India every 100 kilometers you travel food changes.” From up north Kashmiri cuisine to down south Tamil/ Chattinad cuisine and from eastern Bengali to western Marathi cuisine, our country portrays a diverse variety. Apart from this there are other regional cuisines such as Rajasthani, Punjabi, Chhattisgarhi, Awadhi, Andhra and Goan to name a few.

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