Goodwyn Tea ‘infused tea coolers’

Giving the regular water an interesting edge, Goodwyn Tea recently launched the first of its kind Infused tea coolers fondly nicknamed ‘the Better Water’. Infused Tea Coolers are fruits, herbs, natural flavor infused teas with health benefits of antioxidants and minerals available in 6 interesting flavors i.e. Superberry, Lemon Grass Ginger, Mango Lychee, Orange Spicer, Mint Cucumber, Apple Cinnamon, Sweet Ginger Peach— that hoteliers are digging this season. Catering to a property’s multiple user area needs i.e. from welcome drinks, spas, gyms to breakfast areas and lounge, Infused Tea Coolers have created its own niche in the f&b industry. Available in most of the major properties across the country including the ITC, Trident, Hilton and the Taj Group of Hotels amongst others, Infused Tea Coolers are certainly here to stay and how!

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