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  • Date: 2015-11-20
  • Rational offer SelfCookingCenter 5 Senses replaces almost all the appliances traditionally found in a professional kitchen. The unit independently determines, controls and monitors the optimum cooking process – just by the push of a button. It can grill, steam, gratinate, bake, rise, roast, braise, simmer, stew, poach or blanche. Being the first cooking system,  with five senses it senses, recognises, thinks with the chef and ahead, learns from the chef and even communicates with him.  It is not only a standard for western food, but also for Indian cuisine. Hiroshi Akai, Managing Director, RATIONAL India shares more on the USP of the product it offers.
    By  |  Sudipta Saha With ever changing demands Hospitality industry is one of the most dynamic industries. What do you do to tap the changing concepts?
    With the ClimaPlusCombi model from 1997, the first programs could be stored in the Rational unit. The SelfCookingCenter launched in 2004 was the first combi-steamer with built in intelligence. Automatic cooking processes made it possible that with just one push of a button, the operator reached his desired result, without any supervision. CareControl launched in 2008 impressed the chefs worldwide with an automatic cleaning and care system. The current product, the SelfCookingCenter 5 Senses is the only intelligent cooking system that senses, recognises, thinks ahead, and learns from the chef and even communicates with him.
    Rational is the chef´s company and a market leader in the combi steamer market and more than 300 chefs worldwide are working in the company. It has the biggest R&D process in the industry, focusing on the future development meeting the customers’ needs. A close link to its customers and to master chefs all over the world keeps us updated with the every changing concept’s in the industry.  As a supplier what kind of hindrances do you face while dealing with India hospitality industry?
    In India, the combi steamer technology is not really known right now. Rational invests a lot in educating the market and show the benefits of this modern technology. Each customer has the possibility to attend a live cooking session called Rational CookingLive where they can see the easy operation and the very best cooking results by themselves. Hereby Rational is focusing on local cuisine, exactly the food the customers are doing in their restaurants. Only like this the customer will get out all the benefits of the unit. Since many years already Rational is testing and developing a big variety of Indian dishes which can be done in the SelfCookingCenter. After unit installation every customer is visited by a Rational master chef in his kitchen for an introduction training. Like this the company makes sure, that the customer can use the full extent of the SelfCookingCenter from day one. How do you bring innovation and creativity as far as the product designs are concerned?
    Rational always focuses on the demands of chefs. To enable them to provide their guests the best food quality and delicious dishes motivates Rational from the beginning till today. The fundamental thoughts for the product design are driven by making the daily kitchen life better for the chefs by providing them with the latest technology and perfect assistant. We provide the chefs with a unit which can be operated easily and safe and the space needed for this equipment in a kitchen is a bare minimum. But most important of course was the high quality of the product. As our company´s principal objective is to offer our customers maximum benefit, in 2016 we will continue to form an even closer union together with our target group in order to further optimise our products as to our customers´ specific needs. 
    Because of the fact that the Indian cuisine differs from the European, our Rational research and development department from Germany has been working together closely with master chefs from India. They intensify analyse Indian cuisine, food and how professional chefs work in India. They bring their knowledge to Rational cooking research. There, new technologies are continually being developed in order to facilitate the day-to-day kitchen routines of chefs in India. For example the Indian traditional cuisine is very diverse and includes vegetarianism, which is a growing dietary trend in India society. We took the opportunity to explore and introduce modern cooking methods in vegetarian preparation for our Indian customers. Therefore, we recently have launched our vegetarian solution: Delicious and creative, vegetarian recipes which are the traditional claim of India have been saved for the new vegetarian profile of the SelfCookingCenter 5 Senses.  What is the USP of your brand?
    The SelfCookingCenter 5 Senses does not only consume much less energy than traditional cooking appliances, is flexible and easy to use – above all, it is intelligent. This is what makes it unique. A mere fingertip on the desired result of any dish is enough for the SelfCookingCenter 5 Senses to independently determine, regulate and monitor the optimal cooking process. Chefs do only have to take care of their food again when it´s ready. Sensors detect the size of the food and the load size. With up to 60 check measurements per minute, precision control of the cooking process is ensured – always perfectly matched to the needs of the food. Even typical national preferences are taken into account. However, it is not only the product that makes Rational unique.

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