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A brew of people from all over the world, India has a diverse culture, which is also reflected in our eating habits. People are now more open to exploring new experiences, and a host of restaurants have come up to satiate the food lover’s inquisitiveness. And it’s not just new cuisines that the customers are looking for, but also peculiar and innovative ambience, that gives them a unique and memorable dining experience. Let’s find out few super cool restaurants, bistros and cafes that will give you a new perspective on dining.

The success of restaurants not just depends entirely on the food, ambience plays an equally important role. An ambience can elevate the dining experience to a whole new level and make it more memorable. Themed restaurants outshine their counterparts in this aspect, with décor that whisks you away to a different world, making you enjoy a good meal. Here are our picks for the best of them:

SodaBottle OpenerWala

SodaBottleOpenerWala by the Olive group is a concept that is unique to India. It is your quintessential Bombay Irani Café and bar with all its idiosyncrasies in place and brings forth the dying legacy of the wonderful, bustling, colorful, quirky, cluttered, eccentric and so real world of an Irani café. SBOW serves Parsi cuisine, food gems that sparkle on the streets of Bombay and old-world clubs. The design of SodaBottleOpenerWala is old world, colonial and humorous. It is our take on the Parsi-style Freddie Mercury meets Monty Python. The eccentricity and mirth evokes spontaneous laughter over the signature large blackboard touting the ‘Rules of the establishment’ like No Laughing Loudly, No Talking to Cashier, No feet on chair, No flirting. No Pata Hai Main Kaun Hoon, and is a constant feature in all the SodaBottleOpenerWala properties.

With their unique menu like Chicken Baida Roti, Bhendi Bazaar Sheekh Paratha and club favourites like Eggs Kejriwal and Breach Candy Awesome Okra. A selection of drinks from the Irani Chai Bar leaves you spoilt for choice. The Irani Chai, Pheteli Coffee, & tempting coolers like Mrs. SodaBottleOpenerWala’s Special Cold Coffee; Sekan-Je-Bin, and Raspberry Soda, will all keep you delightfully satiated. SodaBottleOpenerwala also offers an interesting range of Cocktailslike Daaruwala Vimto, a tasty mix of five berries spiked with tequila; Bawaji nu Thullu, a Bawa-version of a Long Island Iced Tea, flavoured with Parsi Choy; and Brandied Bawi, a delightful mix of brandy and raspberry with a touch of sweet and sour, to name a few signatures.

Social Offline

The path that leads to Social feels like the road to a dungeon. The narrow alley lined with graffiti opens up into a vast space with two floors, numerous rooms and big glass windows. The tone is that of a rugged mountain terrain, and their staff uniforms compliment the theme with military pants and yellow tshirts . Social occupies two floors of the building, but opens up horizontally into numerous sections. Social incorporates everything that’s quirky, be it the tissues that are in the form of toilet paper rolls, the menu in a newspaper format or the iced tea that comes in a tiny bathtub with a straw. The favourite part about social is the fact that they are doing over all established conventions in the food industry. Call them unorthodox or call them interesting, one can never get enough of the eccentricity around this place. Unconventional all the way, they ensure work doesn’t look as sad as it sounds.

What acomic show

WHAT A COMIC SHOW is a comic theme restaurant at Safdarjung Development Area Market near Delhi, IIT Gate where you will get the flashback of those days where comic characters were your real heroes and never tired of mimicking them -spinning invisible wasp as Spiderman or jumping around with dad’s helmet on as Super Mario or going to war whole day long as a G.I. Joe soldier and what not.

Its walls and interiors adorn comic characters of all kinds and size, just name it! There are piles of comics and novels to read while you eat, drink, or sip a cup of coffee. With an ever increasing animated series comic library, it also brings screening of super blockbusters in the genre of animation, superheroes costume parties, theme based events on occasions like Halloween or Valentine’s Day and more.

Farzi Café

Why Farzi? Farzi Cafe is a fusion of Global & Indian menu and ambiance, yet making it a very chic and modern style cafe. Farzi Café offers a high energy molecular gastronomic culinary style, infused with modern casual dining affair. Also, try your drinks in Farzi style with Chuski margarita and more.


Inspired by foods found in pushcarts and hawker stalls, CIRCUS is a local restaurant telling a global story. With bright colours, crazy chandeliers, funhouse mirrors and three different types of open seating – the three levels come together seamlessly to create a memorable experience. Located in South Ex II with a terrace offering breathtaking views of the city, diners can choose from an array of global street foods while journeying through the multilevels of this all day diner. Working with different regional favourites, the menu at CIRCUS showcases global street food favourites, while making sure diners ‘have a jolly good time’! The food you once travelled the world for is just down the street at CIRCUS. When here, guests can shed all inhibitions and dine at ease and feel the comfort of comfort food. CIRCUS is an eclectic, casual restaurant and cocktail lounge that satisfies both your hunger and your wanderlust.

TabulaBeach Café

Name says it all. Tabula beach has a beach like ambiance with amazing indoor & outdoor seating. Not just that, you will find a bar which has cockatils to offer you along with party music going on. This place has events and gigs happening regularly. The decor is simple and yet, elegant with woody touches. A small dance area will bring out your groovy mood. So if you want to get the feeling of sitting at the beach with your favourite cocktail, Tabula beach is the place for you.

Hard Rock

Hard Rock Cafe New Delhi is waiting to take your dining and entertainment expectations to a new level. With 7,500 square feet of space, our state-of-the-art cafe features 200 seats divided into three distinct sections, a stage for live performances, and Hard Rock’s signature retail Rock Shop. An irresistible menu consisting of classic American cuisine, including burgers, sandwiches and salads, awaits to awaken your taste buds, while local flavour is also represented by a ‘Merri Dilli’ section consisting of favorites like chicken kebabs and more. The place is definitely as classy as it sounds. The service is impeccable, the staff is full of energy and dedicated to providing the best service to the customer. As the name suggests, Hard rock cafe plays classic rock.

Holy Smoke

Holy Smoke, the contemporary Bar and Grill has grown to become the undisputed home for great steaks and sliders done right. The interior reflects to the “slaughter House” and all furnitures, ceiling, walls, etc. has a reflection of a place associated with contemporary steak house. The dark art painted on the walls in black; the furniture blacked out with textured raw meat on it, all gives a real feel of the Abattoir-chic environment just right for gorging on all meaty creation. Along comes ‘Walter’ the custom-built cast iron smoker which can smoke four suckling pigs at a time. The ambience is focused on unique elements – two toned floor, the mural hand painted on the wall, the 28 goat carcasses holding up the bar, a suspended wine rack (made of twisted rebar), and finally the peculiar steak hooks suspended on the butcher rail. Unique concept of time-burnished, rich tradition of grilled steak has been brought from various parts of the world and given a distinctive style and unique flavour at this restaurant.

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