Ozone ‘double action shower hinge’

Ozone introduces the Double Action 3-Way ‘T’ Shower cubicle hinge from its collection of shower cubicle fittings. This new double action 3 Way ‘T’ shower hinge enables doors movement of two adjacent frameless shower enclosures and also holds the fixed glass partition in between. By using just a set of 02 shower hinges, you can make two adjacent shower enclosures doors functional hence it is a cost effective & space efficient solution too. This Double action 3-Way ‘T’ Shower hinge from Ozone is suitable to use on 8-10mm glass and door can be inward opening as recommended by Ozone, as well as outward. It is designed with self-closing function that enables the door to close automatically after reaching at 30 degree. Made with high grade SS 304 material, it is available in PSS finish.

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